Getting started

bStats is a free and open source website that helps you to collect usage data for your Bukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord or Sponge plugin. Integrating bStats into your plugin is straight forward and done in a matter of seconds. Detailed instructions can be found on the Include Metrics site.
After adding bStats to your plugin you have to create an account to register your plugin. You can manage your plugins with this account, e.g. adding customs graphs, etc.

What data is collected? bStats does not collect any personal data. Most of the collected data is information about the plugin's server like player count, online mode, Minecraft version, Java version, and more. All data gets sent and stored completely anonymously. Server IPs are only stored for ratelimiting and not linked to the data.
All data that is collected is publicly visible. If you are interested in what data is collected for your Minecraft server, take a look at the pages for the plugins on your server. Please note that plugin authors can also send data that is customized for their plugin.

Custom Graphs

bStats supports the creation of custom graphs. Take a look at the examples to get a feel how creating custom graphs works. You may also like to check out our REST api.

Disabling bStats

If you don't want bStats to collect data from your server, you can disable it in the bStats config file. This file can be found in the /plugins/bStats/ folder.
bStats has nearly no effect on your server's performance and the sent data is completely anonymous. The collected data is important information for plugin authors to improve their plugins and keep motivated. To value their work and effort, please keep bStats enabled.