The REST-Api of bStats is very simple. It's meant to allow you to include data of your plugin on your website, plugin presentation, etc. It is not meant to create new accounts, add plugins, add charts, ... That's the reason it's only allowing GET-Requests.
GET /api/v1/plugins
Returns an array which contains all plugins:
GET /api/v1/plugins/%pluginId%/
Returns detailed information about the plugin with the given id:
GET /api/v1/plugins/%pluginId%/charts
Returns the charts of the given plugin:
GET /api/v1/plugins/%pluginId%/charts/%chartId%
Returns information about a single chart:
GET /api/v1/plugins/%pluginId%/charts/%chartId%/data
Returns the data of the chart. The format of the data depends on the type of the chart. This is an example response for a Single Line Chart. The first number is the timestamp, the second is the value.
GET /api/v1/plugins/%pluginId%/charts/%chartId%/data/?maxElements=%amount%
maxElements is an optional parameter for LineCharts. It limits the amount of the returned elements. If left blank it's 1 month by default (2*24*30).
GET /api/v1/software
Returns an array with all supported server software: